Better molecules. Faster.

Our Technology provides a step-change in drug and compound discovery through in silico property predictions with unprecedented performance 

Market-leading property predictions

Our next-level property predictions (esp. ADMET) substantially accelerate and streamline drug and compound discovery.

Unparalleled robustness to data scarcity

We unlock new AI use cases, through unprecedented performance in data-scarce settings, including in vivo predictions.

Fully interpretable results

We empower scientists to iterate faster by uncovering molecular root causes for the characteristics under investigation.

Vast array of applications

Our integrated solution benefits a comprehensive range of applications across drug discovery and chemistry, such as in vivo ADME, toxicity, physiochemical properties and even scents and flavors.


About us

We are a purpose-driven AI company that combines scientific excellence, impact orientation and entrepreneurial drive. We leverage our unique technology and hands-on approach to our help our clients unlock substantial value, fast.

Our Vision

Precision molecules

for the benefit of

patients, people and the planet.

Our Mission

Market-leading AI technology

to create better molecules


Our Team

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Dr. Thilo Bauer

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Dr. Simon Tatomir

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Nikita Makarov

Data Science Intern
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Isabell Weigert

Strategy and Operations Intern
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Dr. Sebastian Stolzenberg

Chief Data Science Officer